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Tidiou M’Baye


Tidiou M’Baye

I’m always torn btwn genuine gratitude that i have a job and can pay my (family’s) bills vs. the crushing despair of looking at my bank acct. after rent’s been withdrawn and wondering when the paycheck-to-paycheck struggle will end.

Naomi Campbell, Closing Ceremony at Vogue UK Olympics, 2012

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Flawless Queen ↪ Lupita Nyong’o

"It really sunk in, the kind of resilience the slaves had and just the strength of the people who survived it, ya know" 

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how can u make a song like black skinhead but be a slave to white pussy 

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there are ways to speak up for your woman and defend your relationship w/o comparing your struggles as a celebrity to the civil rights movement. lol, it’s always so goddamn embarrassing when Kanye does shit like that. Ain’t nuthing new tho.

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